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Scarr-Hall Memorial Trust Awards 2024

Every year, the Scarr-Hall Memorial Trust recognises selected local citizens for their voluntary service to the community. This year’s event took place on Monday 13 May at the Waterside Café.

Mr Ian Scarr-Hall (Amhuinnsuidhe Castle) offered awards to four nominees. Roddy Ferguson, a Deacon at The Church of Scotland in Tarbert, was nominated for his work at the church as well as his other multiple efforts in the community. Gordon Ness was recognised for his tireless contributions to the improvement of various Scalpay and Harris amenities and services. Emma Mackinnon was nominated for supporting young musicians and setting up a children’s shinty club on Harris. Catherine Macleod who organises events for all age groups on Scalpay was the fourth nominee.

It was inspiring to hear about all the endeavours the recipients dedicate their free time to. Mr and Mrs Scarr-Hall remembered Mr Scarr-Hall’s mother who was an active volunteer herself. “She took satisfaction from giving rather than taking,” Mr Scarr-Hall said.

All nominations come from the members of the community. The money which is part of the award will be given to a charity chosen by the recipient.


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