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New worries over Leverburgh housing development plans

Plans for twelve new houses to be built in Leverburgh are back in the spotlight, after land earmarked for the project was advertised for sale. Now a refreshed offer is being made to secure the site, so that new homes can be available for rent in the village.

The land, near the pier, is owned by photographer Mark Miller Mundy, and was due to be purchased by Hebridean Housing Partnership, with the help of Government funding, which is in the process of being secured. However, it is four years since Mr Miller Mundy first agreed to the purchase, and earlier this month an advert in the Stornoway Gazette offered the site for sale, causing surprise and concern among those who have invested time and resources in the project.

In response to media coverage, Hebridean Housing (the local housing association) released the following statement: “As of today (Monday) the progress on the new homes in Leverburgh is that we have instructed our lawyers to refresh the offer to purchase the land.

“Our grant application for the project is with the Technical Assessment Team at the Scottish Government and we are expecting a final outcome in February 2024.

“Our Development Team are meeting regularly with representatives of the Community Council and will let them know as soon as we have a response from the Scottish Government.”

South Harris Community Council have spent years campaigning for new homes to be available for rent in the area, and celebrated a significant victory in August when a huge turnout at a public meeting was followed by confirmation that plans would go ahead for a full dozen houses, rather than just six.

Chairman Donnie MacDonald has expressed concern at the continued obstacles the project has faced, but assures residents of the community council’s commitment to the ensuring that it goes ahead.

“In direct response to the advert placed in last week’s Stornoway Gazette, South Harris Community Council wish to reiterate the dire need for the housing project in Leverburgh to go ahead, urgently,” he said.

“As the elected body representing South Harris, we recognise the frustrations of the community at how long it has taken to get to this point but would like to assure people that we are working with all stakeholders to keep the momentum going.

“The project is currently with the Scottish Government to conduct further due diligence and consider all aspects of the project, following the conclusion of the tendering process.

“We eagerly await further news and will always update the community as soon as we can. This continues to be the top priority for the Community Council and we will not stop until the twelve new houses in Leverburgh become a reality.”


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