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Closure confirmed for Bank of Scotland's Tarbert branch

The Isle of Harris’ only bank is to close its doors for good next week.

The Bank of Scotland announced the closure of its Tarbert branch last year, and following a second branch review has confirmed that its last day will be Thursday, February 22.

The Bank of Scotland building in Tarbert, Harris

While over-the-counter banking will no longer be available in the village on a regular basis, a community banker is expected to make visits to provide bank services in person from a community venue – the tim-ing and location of these visits is yet to be confirmed.

The closure comes despite appeals from local elected representatives, including Angus MacNeil MP and Alasdair Allan MSP.

A Bank of Scotland spokesperson said: “As many customers now choose to bank online or through their mobile app, visits to our branch have fallen over recent

years. The local Post Office offers everyday banking, with cash also available at close by free-to-use ATMs, alongside other ways to bank such as online, phone and mobile banking services.”

The bank’s review noted that transactions at the branch fell more than 59 per cent between 2017 and 2022. It encouraged cus-tomers to make use of services of-fered at the Post Office and of near-by ATM facilities.

The bank said that staff have been offered a role elsewhere in the business.


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