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Wilderness getaways to bring new castaways to Taransay

A new partnership between the owners of Taransay and expedition company Rvival, will see tourists travel to the island for a wilderness survival experience that could involve activities such as abseiling, cold water swimming and sourcing wild food.

The high-end ‘no trace’ adventure trips, bookable from next month, have been designed to generate investment in the island, while preserving its heritage and habitat.

Adam and Cathra Kelliher, the owners of Borve Lodge Estate, which includes Taransay, are working with the company as part of a plan to gain support for their environmental, histori- cal and social projects.

Speaking to the Press and Journal last month, Adam said: “There was a realisation that if we wanted to move ahead with Taransay, we needed support and expertise beyond what we had. We have grand ambitions for the island, but have been doing it on a fairly piecemeal basis. To push it to the next level, we needed to find the appropriate partners.”

Rvival founder Eliza Brown drew links with the Castaway TV series, which people marooned on the island for a year, from January 2000.

“Castaway looked at the skill set, the self-sufficiency and the group dynamics of living with the minimal. We will bring that back to life by allowing people to live and breathe it,” she said.

“People are craving a more experiential getaway, something meaningful to put their money into and take away a lifetime investment. Adam and Cathra’s approach aligned with our approach to reconnect people of influence with nature.”

Borve Lodge will also be working with RePlanet, an organisation which focuses on restoring landscape and improving biodiversity.


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