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Introducing the Harris Defibrillator Map

This issue of our printed newsletter includes pull-out guide to the defibrillators on the Isle of Harris. The image above is free to print for online readers.

A defibrillator is a potentially life-saving piece of equipment that de-livers an electric shot to the heart, helping it to regain its rhythm dur-ing a cardiac arrest. To be effective, it needs to be used as quickly as possible.

“The moment someone has a cardiac arrest, the clock starts ticking,” says the Circuit, a defibrillator app and resource. “Every minute with-out CPR and defibrillation reduces their chances of survival. But many defibrillators are never used.”

Every year in Scotland there are about 3500 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests where resuscitation is attempted. The use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in these situations can dramatically improve survival rates. In remote locations, such as those in the Hebrides, access to defibrillators is critical.

The network of defibrillators in Harris, Lewis and Skye are co-ordinated by the charity Lucky2BHere, which also provides life support training to support their use. They are happy to hear from local organisations and groups who would like to receive training or discuss installing defib-rillators in their community.

While ideally, a defibrillator should be operated by trained emergency service staff, they are intended to be used by members of the public too. A 999 call should be made in the event of any life-threatening emergency.

A big thank you to Lauren MacSween and Cammy Morrison for their work on this project.

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Extra copies are available free, from the HVS office or email


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